Alexa for Entertainment Artists
Musicians. Comedians. Performers.

Alexa Music Player Skill

Tour Dates and Announcements

Artist fans stay up to date with tour date announcements, tour date updates, and tour specials.   Tour announcements become part of a daily news feed to over 110 million U.S. users.

Alexa Music Player Skill

Merchandise Specials

Artists are empowered to offer fans early bird specials and loyalty merchandise by enabling the artist skill.    As new merchandise is announced the fans receive the merchandise updates and offers on their smart speaker, phone, car, or firetv.

Alexa Music Player Skill

Artist Announcements

Artists create a direct connection to their fans with direct announcements from the artist to fans.   In their own voice or via alexa.

Event and Merchandise Offer Updates Increase Revenue
Increase tour date revenue and merchandise sales with regular updates and offers that are integrated into a fans news feed.   

Fans Stay Informed
Voice and A.I. offers a unique experience to fans.  Allowing fans to not have search for the latest releases, tour dates, merchandise specials from their favorite artists.  Instead, as offers and dates are released, fans automatically hear and see the artist information on devices they already use like smartphones, streaming TV's, smart speakers and more.

Integrated Tour Dates Simplifies Communication
Connecting existing tour date data to a fans subscription to an artist simplifies the communication process from Artist to Fan.  We leverage existing artist information to use artist information already available without creating extra work.


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