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I was fortunate enough to have been around when CRM was coined and launched back in the late nineties. Customer Relationship Management. It all started with sales people looking for a way to track their contacts, (thank you Pat Sullivan, the godfather of contact management). In the late nineties contact management evolved to add support, then marketing, until the entire customer life cycle was under one roof. Eventually becoming CRM.

We used to use the same magic trick when talking to prospects. “How many sticky notes do you have on your computer monitor?”. Customers would say, “How did you know about my sticky notes?”. We would say, “That’s how salespeople track contacts, until now”.

The customer relationship model has flipped. Today, the customer is in control. The customer seeks and researched information. A recent study shows 76% of customers would rather have “self service” then to interact with a person. 81% of millennial’s already interact with voice daily. It’s the age of self automation and simplicity. And that’s where voice comes in.

Voice assistant requests and notifications give customers the power to simply ask for what they need and receive notifications specifically related to their interest. “Order me new razors”, and shortly after Computer:”Your razors have been delivered”. The voice assistance world is moving quickly with an abundance of new skills designed to assist customers.

That’s where Customer Voice Relationship platforms come in. CVR platforms help companies manage multiple skills and devices to hundreds and thousands of customers. Empowering companies to make massive changes at once to skills and devices, while gathering key customer data in one centralized CVR platform. CVR platfoms compliment Alexa for Business by adding a layer on top of the enterprise business platform. Routing requests to the appropriate CRM, Service, and Finance systems. The evolution of the customer interaction has created new opportunities to interact with customers while capturing valuable historic customer data. “Computer…make it so”.

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