Voice Assistant for CRM Sales, Support and Service




Alexa Voice FAQ

Empower customers with fast and correct answers to products and services 24/7.  Leverage your company FAQ to create an inexpensive and enhanced customer experience.

Alexa Voice Notifications

Notify customers when their order is ready, shipped, or delivered with voice notifications directly to any Alexa device.

Alexa Voice Orders

Enable your customers to place service and products with Alexa voice directly to sales and service teams.  Integrate with leading CRM's like Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics and even Quickbooks.

voice app and voice skill integration with CRM with Alexa.

Alexa Voice for CRM Sales, Support and Service Applications

Communicate with Customers via Voice Assistance
Customers simply ask for product or service and are connected without wires or phones to an associate in sales, service or support.

Track Orders
Empower customers to initiate and  track the status of orders by voice assistance request.

Manage Credit and Receivables
Customers can leverage ERP API access to open receivables, credit status, .and other financial data with popular ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle Financials, Netsuite, MS Dynamics and others.

CRM Reports
Stay up to date with timely sales reporting, current opportunities, and other sales and support related reporting information.  


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