Voice users purchase 16% more with Voice than traditional transactions

Voice Marketing improves customer loyalty and brand stickiness with consumers who leverage voice to place new and repeat orders on a more regular basis than traditional purchases.


Extend Brand Reach to 47.3 Million+  New Voice Users

Voice app users represent 47.3 million weekly consumers in the United States.    Instantly increase brand reach and audience with voice marketing.

Announce Specials, Coupons, Sales with Voice

Daily, weekly, and monthly specials are easy for consumers to use and increase customer engagement.  Consumers receive regular voice updates on products and services via notifications and simply
by “asking”.


Communicate News and Events

Voice Marketing empowers consumers to hear the latest news and event announcements as part of a daily news feed along with other news.   When enabled, news and events are announced along with other regular updates keeping consumers informed.

Leverage Existing Content  

The EasyVoice Platform easily connects to existing blogs, posts and other content already on your site.  We simply point the voice application to any content feed at any location and your brands voice is live quickly with flash briefings and more.

voice ai for ad agency

We work with Ad Agencies and Digital marketing companies to round out brand offerings to include Voice AI on Alexa Voice, Google Voice, IoS and others.  Learn more >>>>

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