How Can I Get My Business on Alexa and Google Voice Search?

Start with the first steps to optimize my local business for voice search: Get to know the local voice search ecosystem. Users have a variety of devices and Google, Apple, Siri and Cortana. Know the three types of local business voice search. You can optimize a local business for discovery, brand and knowledge voice search…

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How to Create a Reservation or Pickup Request with Amazon Alexa

Place an Order with Alexa

EasyVoice Alexa Voice request empowers customers of any business to create hands free orders – With the new VoiceRequest module from EasyVoice, businesses can now empower customers to create a reservation, pickup request, or order, hands free, without a computer or phone. Just by asking. The technology generates a personal profile directory from any smart…

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Voice Enabling Artists and labels

Music and Artist Updates with Alexa

Alexa Voice –  Artist Directory We are working quickly to bring these labels and artists greater exposure with timely updates to their fan bases.   Stay tuned for the latest updates on how to get your favorite artist on Alexa with EasyVoice.     Music, Comedy, and other Performance updates are now available on voice. +1 Artist…

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Consumers Using Self Service Booking Reservations

Reservations with Voice Alexa

In 2019, 90% of consumers leveraged online booking services for all reservations. Market segments include hospitality, restaurants, travel, service requests, and product orders. In 2020 it is anticipated the number will continue and the integration of bots across voice, sms, and telephone will build on a seamless conversation with the consumer. Today, consumers can start…

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Streaming Media is Officially 1/3 of all TV…Why You Should Care!!!

streaming media on alexa cutting the cable cord

Streaming Media Hits 1/3 of All TV Programming….Why You Should Care U.S. households dropping cable and satellite will climb from 11.3 million to 48.6 million in 2024. By the end of the year (2019), 34% of U.S. households will no longer have a traditional pay TV subscription, according to the latest research. Estimates are traditional…

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How to Advertise My Business on Amazon Alexa Firestick

In this video we show you how to advertise your business on Amazon Alexa Firestick. A few easy steps gets your daily/weekly/monthly message out to streaming customers on Firestick, Smart Speakers and Phone Devices. It’s free and easy to do.    If you have an existing blog, simply point your flash briefing at the blog…

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