EasyVoice Releases Voice Assisted OrderReady for Pharmacies, Retailers, Grocers, and Distributors

EasyVoice Releases Voice Assisted OrderReady

GLENDALE, AZ – May 4th, 2018 – EasyVoice, the world leader in Alexa enterprise voice assisted solutions announced the release of its OrderReady solution to deliver Alexa and Google Voice notifications to customers when their order is ready for pickup.

“If you listen to customer requests across multiple markets the top three customer requests reported are: Where is my order? Who is my salesperson? How can I order?“, said Ron Babich, EasyVoice CEO. “The OrderReady solution solves all three of those challenges and integrates with existing ERP and finance solutions”.

When a customer’s order is ready, the customer see’s a notification on their Alexa or Google device. The solution reduces costs by eliminating phone personnel and auto dialing costs, replacing the notification process through internet voice notification. Likewise when customers are looking to create a new order or re-order a product or service, EasyVoice will identify the salesperson and send the order to the right representative.

EasyVoice customers include pharmaceutical, retail, distributors and hospitality companies.

About EasyVoice

EasyVoice, https://crushiot.com/ is the world leader in Alexa and Google voice assisted solutions that improve customer experience including voice assisted customer ordering, order status notification, service requests, and company information delivered through voice.

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Marie Delisi
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