Lower the Cost of Onboarding Employees by 18%+


Employees who feel onboarding is highly effective are 18 times more likely to stay committed to their organization.


91 percent of those who receive successful onboarding feel a strong connection to work, compared to only 29 percent of those who had unsatisfying onboarding.


89 percent of employees who receive effective onboarding feel strongly integrated into company culture, compared to 59 percent of those who receive ineffective onboarding.

"Where is the….?"

"How do I….?"

"Whats the contact info...?"


Add Easy Onboarding to Any Department in the Organization

What Is Easy Onboarding?

Attention to the employee experience during onboarding leads to higher retention, improved employee satisfaction, and more productive collaboration between new employees, managers, and coworkers.

Lower the cost of onboarding while empowering new employees with the information they need during the onboarding process.   Employees ask their smartphone, streaming tv, or smartspeaker any question in the organization library and receive instant, standardized answers in seconds.

This modern onboarding process reduces the cost of onboarding while elevating the onboarding experience to increase employee retention.

"Where is the….?"

"How do I….?"

"Whats the contact info...?"


Average Cost for Onboarding New Employees

Your organization’s average cost per hire can include advertising expenses, recruitment events, recruiting software fees, relocation expenses, and more.

According to a SHRM, the average cost per hire across organizations and industries is $4,125.   In addition to direct onboarding costs of a new employee, you must also factor in the added cost of:

  • The hours managers spend training new employees — average cost: $1,297 per employee
  • Office Supplies, printing—average annual cost: $1018
  • Training—$1,252 per employee on average
  • Tools and software employees need to do their work
  • New office equipment

Easy Onboarding with Alexa Voice enables your organization to save an average of $3211 per employee per year, while keeping employees more productive.

Guaranteed ROI

No Long Term Contracts Only Results

Hello I Am Onboarding New Employee

Easy Onboarding

  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Questions and Responses
  • Available on Any Smartphone, Streaming TV, Smartspeaker, and Auto Alexa Smart Speaker


  • Free Setup and Configuration
  • Low Cost, High ROI, Guaranteed Results
  • Flexible Pricing 

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