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Alexa for Business Suite

Alexa for Sales and CRM

Salesforce, Hubspot, Netsuite, Quickbooks, SAP and other leading CRM suites integrate easily with our Voice Skills.

Alexa for Analytics and Finance

Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, and SAP are just a few of the platforms CrushIoT's Alexa platform integrates with for live data and finance reporting.

Alexa for Inventory Management

Gain instant access to inventory and assets from anywhere by simpling asking for the current quantity of any item number or item description.

Alexa for Project Management

MS Project, Oracle Primavera P6, Scheduling and popular estimating software integrated to provide updates on work breakdown project line items.

Amazon Alexa Development

Amazon Alexa Echo is a voice controlled speaker, that is connected to the Alexa Voice Service. Alexa is the virtual assistant behind Amazon Echo, which can be asked almost anything – including requests created by your business to your customers.

Powerful Open Platform

Our Alexa Source platform empowers your organization to create new connections to alexa devices, notifications to an unlimited number of platforms and provides open integration to practically any existing platform without complex coding!

Alexa Notification Center

Notifications, Skills, Communication.  We have it figured out with the flexibility to match your organizations need.     Get the right information to the right people with an easy to manage interface.

Send Your Business To Every Home with an Amazon Alexa Device

Crush IoT  builds applications that allow your business content to stream from the cloud to any Alexa-enabled device. We make it possible for your business to be accessible through the spoken word. With one simple word, a target audience of millions has instant access to your products and services.


Crush IoT develops cloud-based web services that interact with the Alexa voice service (Alexa "skills"). We provide a beginning-to-end, complete solution for connecting people to your products and services through an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device.

We offer

  • Strategic planning to explore the ways an Alexa-based interface can expand your business or extend your reach.
  • Cloud-based application development to handle all the interaction between your business and people's Alexa. We can provide a connection between your systems and the end-user, offering sophisticated speech interaction and artificial intelligence to allow them to reach your products and services instantly, permitting you to engage your target audience with seamless perfection.
  • A rapid certification process with Amazon to get your Alexa skill approved and launched in record time.
  • Cloud hosting and maintenance for your application.

Crush IoT is led by a world class, U.S. development team with over 32 years' experience in application development, including 22 years focusing on web application development and brand development for corporate clients.

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Do You Have a Product or Service to Promote?
If you have a Product or Service we can turn it into an interactive experience delivered through an Amazon Echo.  We have a full-featured Alexa communication engine that can hold textual and  audio content and deliver it to people through an Alexa-enabled device. Your product or service can be fully interactive, with sound effects, audio bites, and short musical scores. We can guide you with the strategy to monetize your product or service using Amazon's new technology.

The applications we build can validate users through your web page, to ensure that the person communicating through Alexa is a registered user.




Leverage the power of voice in your business.

Voice is becoming a preferred method for interacting with the devices around us. Over 12 million Echo devices are in consumer households as of 2017.   Amazon Echo dominates the market with over 72% of devices in homes and businesses. It's easy to see why - voice interfaces are:


On average, users can speak 150 words per minute, but can only type 40.


Users don't have to stop what they're doing. Voice interfaces fit into our lives more seamlessly.


Answers can be tailored based on a user's context, location, or previous interactions.

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