How do I get my business on Alexa?

Our developers decided to write out an answer due to the volume of inquiries regarding the question, “How do I get my business on Alexa?”.

How Do I Get My Business on Alexa?

First ask yourself, “Do I need an Alexa Skill?”. The answer might be yes, and you might need an Alexa Skill Developer such as Easy Voice if you require:

  • Communicate News and Events
  • Handsfree Guest Calling for Hotels & Senior Assisted Living
  • Leverage Existing Content with Voice Skills
  • Announce Specials, Coupons, Sales with Voice

We work with Ad Agencies and Digital marketing companies to round out brand offerings to include Voice AI on Alexa Voice, Google Voice, IoS and others. 

How Do I Get My Business on Amazon Alexa?

Furthermore, our professionals at can get your business on Amazon Alexa! Contact us today if you need full services for Alexa skill development.

More companies are rolling in with practical solutions solving practical challenges by using Alexa skill developers for business. You should too!

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