medical equipment and pharmaceuitcals

Medical Equipment Voice

Physicians and Health care providers can call up any medical procedure, equipment, or demonstration via video by asking for it.   Patients are able to see procedures, equipment demonstrations and other insightful information.


Pharmaceutical Voice

Healthcare providers can ask for information on an existing or new pharmaceutical product and receive the latest video information about the medication.

medical patient assistance

Patient Assistance

Patients are empowered with a direct connection to a healthcare provider via video and voice.  Enabling the attending physician to see and hear the patient.

Medical Equipment Voice
Reference a library of videos that demonstrate new and existing medical equipment at each healthcare, hospital, and physicians office via voice request.   Patients and Physicians are able to view any medical equipment demonstration.

Pharmaceutical Voice
Empower healthcare providers and patients with the ability to view the latest pharmaceutical information on any medication.    Reducing costs and allowing physicians to increase the number of patients.

Patient Assistance 
Connect Physician to Physician, and Physician to Patient via video and voice to expedite and improve patient care while reducing costs and improving physician efficiency. 

Physician Education
Inform and Educate Physicians with Medical Equipment Flash Briefings on the latest news, recalls, updates and other important information.

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Intervals
Automated alerts communicate inspection, testing and maintenance intervals on medical equipment.  Reduce service cost, increase physician satisfaction and revenue. 



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