Restaurant Reservations on Alexa

  • Save 90+ Hours a month in host/hostess telephone reservation time

  • Reduce Host/Hostess costs by $2500 plus a month

  • Free up a Resource to Provide Better Service and  Faster Table Turn

  • Increase Brand Awareness while Improving Customer Service with Automated Voice Reservations

Reservations and Pickup Requests with Alexa

115 Million U.S. customers can make reservations from a:

  • Smart Speaker

  • Smart Phone

  • Firestick TV

  • Alexa Automobile


How it Works....

Hosts and Hostesses avoid spending hours on the phone every day taking reservations and creating table wait lists. 

Voice Reservations and Table Wait Requests empower customers to ask for a table before they arrive with reservations or to be added to the wait list.    While keeping hosts in front of customers, reducing phone time.

Customers arrive already on a list simply by asking Alexa for a reservation or to be placed on the list.  Simple.  

Reservations and Pickup Requests with Alexa

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