Streaming Media is Officially 1/3 of all TV…Why You Should Care!!!

streaming media on alexa cutting the cable cord

Streaming Media Hits 1/3 of All TV Programming....Why You Should Care

U.S. households dropping cable and satellite will climb from 11.3 million to 48.6 million in 2024.

By the end of the year (2019), 34% of U.S. households will no longer have a traditional pay TV subscription, according to the latest research.

Estimates are traditional pay subscribers will continue to decline, dipping another 5% by the end of 2019.

The Decline In Google Adwords Spend

Business owners should recognize the significance of the shift in where ads have migrated with a  decline in Google Adwords growth (Adwords Declined Growtih in 2019 is Minus 9%) and lift in Amazon ads (Plus 34%).

Strategic marketing should include the importance of leveraging new streaming media types including smart speakers, streaming tv options (Firestick and Chromecast) to harness the ad shift.

Impact on Shift to Brand Importance

The accompanying punchline ultimately is a shift in how important brand significance is now and will be in forward facing.

Without intentional brand marketing on voice AI and streaming media a generic product search by a consumer will be left to Amazon to decide which product is promoted.    In contrast a specific requested brand like Peter Pan Peanut Butter or Christian Brothers Home Services directs the consumer on any platform to the desired product/service.

Brand is and will be hugely important to the new streaming media machine search results.      Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and others will leave a business out of the discussion without planting brand seeds in the consumer.

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