EasyVoice Support FAQ - Alexa Voice Skill Support

Q: How long does it take for the Flash Briefing /date to be distributed across the Voice network once we
A: Updates occur as early as 5 seconds, up to an hour from submission.

Q: Are there any YouTube tutorials?
A: We are currently working on a series of overview/instruction videos stay tuned for updates as they are
posted on the site.

Q: When a customer has an issue how can it be reported?
A: Support ticket requests can be reported at

Q: How long does it take for EasyVoice to be made aware?
A: The EasyVoice Support staff receives an instant notification via text and email.

Q: How long does it take for a support response?
A: All support ticket requests are answered within 24 hours or less depending on the issue.  The average
ticket resolution time is under 5 minutes.

Q: How is the customer notified of the ticket request?
A: A confirmation is sent immediately time stamped and tracked upon ticket submittal.

Q: How is the customer notified on support ticket status or response answers?
A: Depending on the nature of the support ticket, Email, Telephone, Text or all is used in the response.

Q: What is the amount of speed needed to run Alexa properly?
A:  To run the EasyVoice application 15 Mbps (megabits per second) are the minimum for streaming 4K.
Very little bandwidth is required. To stream music and other content through Alexa, your Internet
connection needs to be at least 512 Kbps (0.51 Mbps).

Q: How do you instruct/suggest the bandwidth needed to run EasyVoice to users?
A: If a user is able to reach the internet and stream any content (including images, video, music), more
than enough bandwidth is in place to leverage the EasyVoice product.

Q: How are the usage reports on non-speaker devices measured? (Phones/TV’s)
A: EasyVoice leverages the AWS network to access usage reports on usage, new sign ups, durations,
location, and devices leveraged.   Information is available on request for usage by period.

Q: What is Easy Voice’s connection to Amazon?
A: EasyVoice is a senior Voice Platform and Skill (Voice App) partner with Amazon.

Q: Can an Alexa Flash Briefing be connected to other areas besides smart speakers in an operation?
A: Yes, with a firestick, a flash briefing can be viewed with images/logos on an OTT TVs tablets and
Smartphones (with the Alexa Alexa app installed).  Content can come from virtually any online source or
back office database.

Q: Can Alexa be directed to Visual content in addition to audio content?
A: Yes, in fact with visual applications, videos, pictures, and other related media can be called up on
demand with specific custom apps/skills.  News Flash briefings displayed on TV provide company logo and
story narrative on the screen while the audio is read.

Q: Can the service be made interactive? (Direct a user to a promotion to a website? Enter a contest?).
A: Yes, a custom skill can insert promotions along with interactions to websites coupon codes and other
custom responses.

Q: As a customer, will we be assigned a single support person
A: The help desk is made up of a team of certified support specialists.

Q: Will people be able to find my company?
A: Yes, EasyVoice will register your voice domain name and logo with Amazon. Your name and logo (if
provided) will show up in the main Amazon search under skills.

Q: What logo size should we provide EasyVoice?
A: We ask our partners to provide a logo size as close to 500x500 pixels as possible for best results.

Q: How do other EasyVoice partners promote their voice apps?
A: There are many ways to notify the general public or your specific clients that your company is Alexa
enabled. Email / website / Alexa enabled stickers / print on receipts / word of mouth / e-news / news
articles / blogs / giveaways are a few suggestions. The most common first step is an intro email with a one
click hyperlink (provided by EasyVoice) to your client base letting them know you are Alexa enabled and
asking them enable your Voice Skill (aka voice app) to get updates / deals / what ever content or
promotions you want to deliver directly to you end-user. Once they click on the link provided they would
be directed to the Amazon skill page with your logo. They will see: Free: Available instantly on your
connected Alexa device.