EasyVoice Commits Telehealth Expertise, Technology to Fight Against COVID-19 with VirtualHealthcare

VirtualHealthcare is a COVID-19 specific workflow that can be implemented quickly, at no cost, to help keep your practice COVID-19 free.


Attract New Patients


Increase Practice Revenue

Digital Advertising Management

Save Time Through Automation

See why health systems, hospitals, clinics and physician groups in the US work with EasyVoice Solutions as their virtual care provider



Improve patient satisfaction.

Patients are looking for convenient, quality care they can trust. VirtualHealthcare gives healthcare organizations the flexibility to deliver high-quality care to their patients anytime, anywhere.

Organizations using VirtualHealthcare Increase patient satisfaction, patient retention, and revenue.  On average, organizations using VirtualHealthcare see patient satisfaction rates of 96.4%.



Increase revenue.

This year your company could lose $150,000 in revenue, per provider, due to patient no-shows and cancellations. That figure doesn’t even account for uncollectable funds and after hour visits that you may not be getting paid for.

VirtualTeleMedicine reduces no-shows and cancellations and allows you to get paid for after hour calls. The impact? The average VirtualTeleMedicine customer sees revenue increase by $26,426 per provider, annually.

Ready to see how VirtualTeleMedicine will increase revenue in your organization?


Treat more patients.

Only 27% of a staff’s day-to-day work is typically dedicated to patient care.  Between scheduling, intake, billing, collections and everything else they’re tasked with, it’s not a surprise.Less face time with patients, increased wait times to get an appointment and a lower patient experience.  With VirtualHealthcare you can care for more patients and still provide a personal touch!

VirtualHealthcre's proprietary workflows allow your organization to save office staff and providers 30-45 minutes per encounter by allowing patient self-scheduling, managing patient intake and eliminating collections.


Risk Free, No Long Term Contracts

Silver Support

$49 a month
  • Includes Website, Back Office Billing System. No Risk, Starts at $49 a mo per physician, 10% of Invoice.

Gold Support

$95 a month
  • Includes Website, Back Office Billing System. Administrative Phone, Scheduling Resource, Back Office Assistance. No Risk, Starts at $95 a mo per physician, 18% of Invoice.

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