Voice Inventory Control

The industries first voice Inventory platform to collect, track, and adjust Inventory.

  • Works with Existing Inventory and Accounting Solutions
  • Works with SmartSpeakers and SmartPhones
  • No Barcode Scanner Needed
  • No Expensive Equipment Required

Get Current Quantities - Simply ask for current inventory item quantities to identify on hand stock with Alexa.

Add Inventory Quantities - Improve Inventory Accuracy, Speed Up Inventory Counts by Adding Inventory with Voice.

Reduce Inventory Quantities - Reduce Quantities by voice commands.  "...Reduce Item by 3...."

Adjust Inventory Quantities - Create Adjusted Quantity Entries via voice.  "Update Item to 23......"

Integrate/Send Inventory to Vendors and Accounting - Voice Inventory Integrates with Vendors and Accounting Systems

Add Remove Adjust Inventory
alexa voice inventory that works with accounting
  • Add, Subtract, Adjust Inventory Quantities

  • Send Inventory Requests to Vendors 

  • Integrate with Accounting

  • Eliminate Bar Code Scanners

  • Eliminate Expensive Equipment

  • Speed Up Inventory Counts

  • Improve Inventory Accuracy

no barcode scanner

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