What Can Fitbit do with Alexa?

Alexa, what can you do on a Fitbit?

One area where Fitbit’s smartwatches have previously trailed far behind rivals like Apple, Samsung, and LG is with voice-controlled digital assistant features.

The Versa 2 is Fitbit’s first with a built-in microphone, so it can finally catch up. The watch includes Amazon’s Alexa voice-enabled assistant technology, and it’s fantastic.

When you hold down the Versa’s single button and Alexa pops up, it's ready to do all the things it does on smart speakers and other devices.

Ask it for the news, weather, sports scores, or a currency conversion, and the Versa 2 displays Alexa’s answers on its screen.

The downside is, Alexa doesn't talk back, though—unlike rivals, the Versa 2 still doesn’t have a speaker.

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